Monetizing your telematics GPS data

Predictive insights
Risk pricing
Dynamically priced offerings

Deeper data insights to validate risk

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), telematics providers can benefit from deeper risk insights across their entire customer base. Even better, Greater Than’s AI can monetize telematics data and uncover new business opportunities for telematics providers.

All that’s needed is your raw data and simple connectivity via API. The result is dynamic pricing and segmentation across variables of locations and types of fleets.

Risk indexing for new product development

Thanks to Greater Than’s simple onboarding process, the expansion from telematics provider to insurance partner is fast and seamless. With our support, you can obtain deeper data insights to not only verify, but price risk. This facilitates the development of new products, including dynamic, data-driven insurance solutions that recognize safe, eco-friendly driving.

For you, this supports business growth and customer retention, for your insurer it delivers new customers at speed, and for fleets this lowers insurance costs and helps improve safety.

How to get started

  • Connect your data via a simple API
  • Analyze your customers
  • Enable new product offering

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