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Drive down risk. Drive down cost.

The fleet landscape is changing fast, requiring driver risk management to change even faster. Get ahead of the game with next generation tools to identify and mitigate risk, control insurance costs, and improve the safety and sustainability of operations, regardless of fleet size, vehicle type, activity, or location.

A unique pattern-based approach to driver profiling ensures fleet management and insurance premiums are personalized to specific vehicles and drivers according to their actual level of risk.

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Proactive risk management for incident prevention.

Shift from a reactive to a predictive understanding of risk to identify real-time risk levels and prevent incidents before they happen. With pattern-based profiling you see a complete overview of risk, not single driver-related “events”. And thanks to its layering capabilities, Greater Than’s advanced AI solution can be combined with existing telematics solutions to provide a comprehensive picture of driver and organizational risk.

Real-time driver insights also enable risk and safety managers to measure and compare driver risk levels and environmental impact at any time, regardless of type of vehicle or location. This helps ensure timely implementation of remedial training or coaching.

Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker

Predictive risk insight of your entire fleet

  • Continuous valuation of risk
  • Live risk index from top to trip
  • Smart customer retention
  • Loss forecasting per policy
  • Risk heat maps
  • Risk time distribution
  • Driver CO2 tracking

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Offers a wide variety of flexible pricing models, such as Pay-As-You-Go, Monthly dynamic, Pay-How-You-Drive, cash back and more.

Meeting the needs of a new economy, we offer a variety of solutions such as: car subscription, car booking, car pool, P2P car sharing and more.

Customer satisfaction is key to long-term success. Engage and delight your customer for improved customer retention.

Engage and delight drivers by offering loyalty statuses, badges, rewards, competitions and leader boards.

Becoming a better driver by understanding your driving style and habits will help improve road risk as well as help create a safer environment for everyone.

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