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Drive down risk. Drive down cost.

Enerfy’s unique AI technology represents the next generation of understanding how the vehicle, the driver, the road and the environment intersect in a straightforward easy to use way. Our flexible suite of fleet risk management products will allow you to tailor your solution to best fit your business.

We offer solutions to identify and mitigate risk, control insurance cost while measuring and improving the sustainability of operations.

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Advanced artificial intelligence for understanding of risk.

By shifting from a reactive understanding of risk to a predictive understanding, you can now draw insights from data and take action before an incident.

With Enerfy DriverDNA, we offer new levels of targeted risk management, dynamic insurance pricing and flexible solutions. You’ll be able to simplify your driver management and track your risk and environmental impact, as well as optimize your fleet.

We have developed an advanced artificial intelligence solution, based on pattern profiling, to understand motor risk globally, providing a totally new view on this risk.

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Enerfy Risk tracker

Predictive risk insight of your entire fleet

  • Continuous valuation of risk
  • Live risk index from top to trip
  • Smart customer retention
  • Loss forecasting per policy
  • Risk heat maps
  • Risk time distribution
  • Driver CO2 tracking

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A selection of our fleet solutions


Offers a wide variety of flexible pricing models, such as Pay-As-You-Go, Monthly dynamic, Pay-How-You-Drive, cash back and more.

Meeting the needs of a new economy, we offer a variety of solutions such as: car subscription, car booking, car pool, P2P car sharing and more.

Customer satisfaction is key to long-term success. Engage and delight your customer for improved customer retention

Engage and delight drivers by offering loyalty statuses, badges, rewards, competitions and leader boards.

Becoming a better driver by understanding your driving style and habits will help improve road risk as well as help create a safer environment for everyone.

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