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Driver feedback

Increase awareness of driving behaviour and reduce risk and climate impact.

Smartphone connected via car bluetooth is showing driver feedback in an app

Driver feedback that sharpens skills.

The risk on the road is skyrocketing and the need for safe, eco-friendly driving is more important than ever.
Driver Feedback is a solution that tracks and analyses drivers’ performance with real-time data insights.

After each completed trip the driver receives clear feedback on areas in need of improvement for them to reach their full potential as a safe, eco-friendly driver. The app is easily connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth and measures key driving factors including: focus, anticipation and eco-driving.

Smiling man working for a fleet company carrying parcels and looking at his driver feedback score

It's like having a driving coach on the dashboard.

Driver Feedback provides huge benefits to fleet operators. In real-time, identify the drivers who are most at risk of causing a crash, and which drivers are creating most impact on the environment. Driver Feedback provides simple, precise insights to support one-to-one manager coaching for those who need it.

Identifying safe, eco-friendly drivers is also easy, to facilitate recognition and reward, and improved driver engagement.

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