The next generation AI-solutions for the new mobility sector.

Risk insights
Incentive programs
Dynamic insurance

From reactive to predictive understanding of risk.

Our AI-powered data analytics tool provide a whole new perspective on risk management by taking mobility companies from a reactive to predictive outlook.

This new level of understanding allows new mobility companies to better manage risk and reduce claims costs.

Control risk and future cost.

Enerfy AI offers you a comprehensive, understandable and actionable overview and control over your insurance costs.

Not only does Enerfy offer you the opportunity to take advantage of dynamic pricing for your own services and insurance program, but we also provide real time data analytics for the next generation of car-sharing possibilities.

Enerfy Risk Tracker

Predictive understanding of risk.

  • Continuous valuation of risk
  • Live risk index from top to trip
  • Smart customer retention
  • Risk heat maps
  • Risk time distribution
  • Driver CO2 tracking

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New mobility solutions

Meeting the needs of a new economy, we offer a variety of solutions such as: car subscription, car booking, car pool, P2P car sharing and more.

Becoming a better driver by understanding your driving style and habits will help improve road risk as well as help create a safer environment for everyone.

Customer satisfaction is key to long-term success. Engage and delight your customer for improved customer retention.


Offers a wide variety of flexible pricing models, such as Pay-As-You-Go, Monthly dynamic, Pay-How-You-Drive, cash back and more.

Engage and delight drivers by offering loyalty statuses, badges, rewards, competitions and leader boards.

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