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Greater Than söker digital designer

Är du en driven, skicklig och passionerad digital designer som vill jobba med AI baserade produktlanseringar internationellt? Skicka oss ditt CV och personliga brev. Vi ser fram emot att träffa dig.

Som digital designer hos oss kommer du att arbeta tight ihop med vår AD för att designa och skapa innehåll till våra kunder och egna plattformar. Du kommer att delta i arbetet med att designa koncept, ikoner och illustrationer till våra appar och hemsidor, ta fram annonser för digital marknadsföring och sociala medier, producera content till våra kanaler och skapa enklare rörligt material.

För att passa i rollen tror vi att du har;
– 1-2 års designerfarenhet
– Kunskap i UI över flera plattformar
– Wireframing och prototypning
– Känner dig hemma med program som Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop och InDesign
– Bra förståelse för designprinciper och analytisk färdighet i ditt beslutsfattande
– Obehindrad förmåga att tala och skriva engelska

Bonus om du kan/har;
– Erfarenhet i speldesign och / eller gamification
– HTML, CSS, Javascript
– UX
– Motion graphics / animation
– Språkkunskaper utom engelska och svenska

Vad vi erbjuder
Du kommer jobba i centrum av extremt drivna och duktiga medarbetare som driver den digitala utvecklingen inom försäkringsbranschen internationellt. Du kommer att arbeta nära passionerade utvecklare och kommunikatörer i ett härligt team. På Greater Than gillar vi att utvecklas och vi tror att man gör det genom att må bra, därför är vi måna om varandra och ser till att fira varje framgång. Greater Than har kontor i London, Singapore och Stockholm. Denna position kommer att vara baserad på vårt HQ på Karlavägen i Stockholm. Skicka din ansökan till, senast 30 juni. Urval sker löpande och tjänsten kan komma att tillsättas före sista ansökningsdatum. Skicka in din ansökan idag!

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Are you a marketeer with a deep passion for tech and AI, who likes to work on an international level? Then Digital Marketing Manager at Greater Than might be something for you! Greater Than is a tech company within the insurtech segment. We have an AI based auto insurance platform, currently used in multiple countries across the world.

As Digital Marketing Manager you will be responsible for, and operationally manage, the digital part of the sales process. You’ll drive qualitative visitors to our sites to convert into leads. Work closely with the solutions team to help assist in the digital part of the customer journey to develop new creative online tools and resources.

The Digital Marketing Manager understands that digital success is to optimize and analyze every corner of our digital presence and strategy.

Other responsibilities:
– Drive qualitative traffic and increase conversion and lead gen
– Optimize our digital channels such as; YouTube, SEM, SEO, LinkedIn and more
– Work closely with and act as client with our design team and IT department
– Analyze and optimize our webpages to improve user experience
– Working closely with our solutions managers to digitally assist the sales process
– Work with our partners and influencers to maximize and nurture the relationship

What we’re looking for:
– Digital marketing experience – ideally within SaaS
– Studied marketing/digital marketing/media management
– Familiar with driving an end-to-end digital marketing strategy
– Understand the different digital touchpoints in a sales journey
– You’ve worked with/have a deep passion for CRO
– You are used to working with different marketing software (such as Google Analytics, Sleeknote, Hotjar, AdWords)
– Fluent in English & Swedish

Bonus points are
– Speak additional language
– Worked in the space of connectivity

What we offer

Working at Greater Than means working in company with a global approach, defined by a great team, meaningful work and quick growth. As an employer we demand a lot of our people, but we also empower them to live up to their challenges, have an entrepreneurial spirit and embrace challenges with confidence. We offer a set of perks, like health care contribution and self-development initiatives. Greater Than has offices in London, Singapore and Stockholm. This position will be based at our HQ at Karlavägen, Stockholm.

Sounds interesting?

If so, send your CV and a few lines why you would be a good fit for the position, in English to Please include “Application – Digital Marketing Manager” in the subject of your e-mail. If you pass the first selection phase, we will contact you! We are curious to discover your talent!

Junior Communications Officer

Junior Communications Officer

We’re looking for a highly motivated, detail-oriented and team spirited Junior Communication Officer, with copywriting and project management skills, who are keen to work with international projects and brands in a fast-growing tech-entrepreneurial environment.

Are you able to demonstrate experience in….?
– Communicating across various channels including face-to-face
– Excellent written and spoken command of English and Swedish (interview will include a test)
– Great level of operational social media management skills
– Content creation for social media, blogs and newsletters
– Provide communication support for projects/events and secure adequate planning, management and delivery
– Managing data and databases of contacts (monitoring, evaluating and extracting data)
– Being an active internet user knowledge of relevant technology and services (Mailchimp, Google Analytics…)
– Great analytical ability to rapidly assimilate the various aspects of an issue

Main responsibilities
– Creation of up-to-date and relevant content for website, blog and social media channels
– Provide operational communication support for projects/events and secure adequate planning, management and delivery
– Co-organize events and other communication activities
– Text production and copywriting in Swedish and English
– Coordinate internal and external communications projects

What we offer
Working at Greater Than means working in company with a global approach, defined by a great team, meaningful work and quick growth. As an employer we demand a lot of our people, but we also empower them to live up to their challenges, have an entrepreneurial spirit and embrace challenges with confidence. We offer a set of perks, like health care contribution and self-development initiatives. Greater Than has offices in London, Singapore and Stockholm. This position will be based at our HQ at Karlavägen, Stockholm.

Sounds interesting?
If so, send your CV and personal motivational letter in English to Please include “Application – Junior Communications Officer” in the subject of your e-mail. If you pass the first selection phase, we will contact you! We are curious to discover your talent!

Greater Than enters partnership with Zurich Insurance and Sixt Ireland

Greater Than now enters the Irish market by entering a partnership with Zurich Insurance UK and Sixt Ireland. With a common goal to increase safety and driver influence in the car rental industry, the partners will implement Greater Than’s AI-based, digital risk assessment platform on the entire Sixt car fleet on Ireland – giving more than 3500 vehicles a new, user-based management tool.

The partnership makes way for Zurich Insurance and car rental company Sixt on Ireland to integrate a user-based, digital risk assessment and fleet management solution on the entire Irish Sixt fleet. For Sixt customers the system aims to increase safety and reward a safe driving behavior, which is possible through technology from Greater Than that uses AI, machine learning and Big Data to calculate and price risk in real-time.

“We are continuously looking for innovative solutions that can enhance our business processes, and this AI-based tech platform is of great value for that advancement. Influencing drivers to drive safer is essential to us and this is another good example of thinking outside the box”, says Darren Stoddart, Senior Underwriter, Emerging Motor Risks at Zurich Insurance.

Zurich Insurance is one of the world’s leading multi-insurers that operates in more than 170 countries. The client Sixt Ireland is a part of the global Sixt Group, who provides high-quality mobile services in more than 2100 stations across the globe, managing a total fleet of more than 238 000 vehicles.

AI-based technology going global

Greater Than and its AI-based platform Enerfy offers real-time risk profiling and individual premium pricing for auto insurance. The growing company has established several insurance solutions in Northern Europe and Asia, while recently also entering a partnership with the global organization FIA, Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, to create a new global competition, FIA Smart Driving Challenge.

“Joining forces with three major partners like Zurich, Sixt and Marsh demonstrates that our strategy to establish global presence is underway. This is a large step on our path towards international expansion” says Liselott Johansson, CEO at Greater Than.

The partnership was managed by Marsh, one of the global leaders in insurance broking and risk management with operations in more than 130 countries.

For pictures and more information, go to the Greater Than media bank here: Than

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World Motorsport and Mobility Organization FIA initiates New Worldwide Competition in Smart Driving – powered by Enerfy

Greater Than are exceedingly proud to announce that Fédération Internationale de l´Automobile has chosen Enerfy as technical platform for a new Championship in smart driving, FIA Smart Driving Challenge. The new championship means a global expansion, strengthening the Greater Than position as a supplier of AI-based insurance solutions.

Sparking a new era in smart driving, FIA – the governing body of motorsport with more than 80 million members in 145 countries and ownership of races such as Formula 1, Rally and Rallycross – launches FIA Smart Driving Challenge, a new championship where drivers from across the world can compete in smart driving through a digital platform.

The goal of the initiative is to create a global space where motorists from all over the world can participate in one joined challenge, implementing safer traffic behavior through their everyday driving. With the distribution power of the motorsport community and professional racing stars, the use of the platform can create a safer traffic environment – an issue that FIA is putting extensive efforts in through the project FIA Action for Road Safety.

Liselott Johansson, CEO at Greater Than, says:
“We’ve been determined to become global leaders within connected car technology, striving to make a true global impact. Knowing that the international motorsport community uses the same technology as our insurance customers is the best validation we can get of our expertise on measuring driving behavior!”

Motorsport for a safer world
Greater Than, whose platform Enerfy makes it possible to measure and evaluate driving in real-time, has been chosen as the FIA SDC partner, providing the technology needed to make motorists from all over the world compete in the same challenge through a smartphone app.

Event Director of the challenge will be Tina Thörner, Swedish Rally-icon with a long and well-renowned history within the motorsport community.

“The challenge will be “the e-sport of automotive”, opening up for all drivers to take part. The fact that all of the most influential parties within the motorsport community are coming together in such a massive initiative for global road safety is huge. It is a big honor to be part of it”, says Tina.

FIA and Greater Than will introduce the technology and offer test driving during Mondial Paris Motor Show, October 4th to 14th 2018. The event area will be located at Place de la Concorde by the FIA headquarters.

For media inquiries or more information, please contact:
Johanna Lindberg,
PR Manager Greater Than
+46-70 322 51 69

About Greater Than
With over 14 years of experience in connected cars, Greaer Than has analyzed billions of kilometers of live driving data and developed services for drivers that contribute to safer, more environmentally friendly driving. Greater Than’s technology, based on machine learning, has raised artificial intelligence to a new level as we continuously train the algorithms based on millions of automated decisions every day. The foundation for the set of algorithms that assesses and prices risk in real-time has created an opportunity for a new business model in car insurance. To read more, visit

About FIA
The FIA, Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, was founded in 1904 with an aim to bring coherent governance and safety to motor sport. The organization has over 80 million members spread across 145 countries. As the governing body of motor sport, including global series like Formula 1, Rally and Rally cross, the FIA ensures that fair, capably regulated and safe events are conducted in all corners of the globe. Through the worldwide campaign FIA Action for Road Safety, in support of the UN’s Decade of Action for Road Safety, the FIA aims to reduce fatalities on the roads. To read more, visit

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4 Reasons Our Insurance Solution is Better Than Others

We get how you think.

The market is in the middle of a revolution of digitalization, and your business hasn’t found the right solution to join the change just yet.

But we’re here to tell you that we can solve that problem for you. Within weeks (yes, it’s true).

We know that there are a lot of IT companies out there trying to tell you to pick them, choose them to help you with your digitization. But we also know that not all solutions are created equal, and we have worked hard to be the best of the best. For your sake.

Here is what makes us at Greater Than better than those other businesses.

1. We make everything end to end

It’s exactly what it sounds like: we make everything from scratch, and we do everything ourselves. (With ‘everything’ we mean a customized app with your brand, colors and font, a plug-in device with your logo on it that works with the app, and an entire webpage with all the information and details that you would want.)

In the end, we’ll deliver digital AI-based auto insurance to your company ready to use right away. Smooth, right?

2. The product is white-label

You’ll take all the credit and will get all the fame. And that is exactly how we want it to be! We work best in the dark and will let you use our technology without anyone knowing.

We’ll do the job; you’ll get credit for it. We’re happy, you’re happy, and the customers are happy!

3. There’s no IT integration

Doesn’t it sound wonderful? No IT-integration. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

We already have a platform with the required technology to digitize your business and create digital AI-based car insurance for your customers. The only thing that we need is a few numbers to match some of your premium costs.

Other than that we’ll take care of everything else including the technology. So it’s okay if you’re not a tech genius, we won’t judge. We here for you and are glad to help.

4. We reduce your claims costs

The platform that we use (named Enerfy) has a wonderful habit of making people change their way of driving to the better. And by doing that we’ll make your customers drive better and cause fewer accidents, which makes it cheaper for you in the end!

We can point out the highest risk takers and most expensive drivers you have and you can, with our technology, make them pay accordingly. With time, these drivers change their behavior or change company. Either way, the outcome is better and cheaper for you.


Read more about our fantastic technology and what it can do for you here.

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Technology helps us in many different ways. Tech has revolutionized the way we travel, transport, talk, shop, eat and much more.

Technology also has delivered a digital revolution that makes the insurance industry stand at a crossroad. If the insurance carriers are bold enough to take advantage of the technologies that the digital transformation can deliver it will lead to dramatic business improvement.

Here are six tech trends according to the website RedPixie that insurance companies should take a hard look at.

1. Big Data Analytics

By collecting data on their users, forward-thinking insurance companies have been able to customize their service to each customer.

In recent years, ‘Executives at large and small carriers alike have been building centers of excellence (COE’s), with dedicated staff focused on advanced analytics,’ according to McKinsey’s report.

2. Internet of Things [IoT]

But where does the IoT data come from?

In car insurance, black box insurance has become a category allowing insurance customers to install a telematics device that measures their driving safety and calibrates their quote accordingly.

Additionally, some big data services can tap straight into the products consumers already use because they rely on the internet to function.

Tools such as Fitsense allow life and health insurers to personalize their insurance offers to individuals based on the readings from their fitness trackers.

3. The Cloud

The cloud is a catch-all term for a huge variety of business services. Moving their infrastructure, including high-performance computing and modeling, to the cloud allows insurance companies to update and streamline their infrastructure.

This improves the efficiency of their employees and saves money.

4. Machine Learning

As machine learning tools have improved, so they have become more applicable to the insurance industry. These tools tap into big data pools and help make data analytics more effective. This could provide huge benefits to firms in meeting compliance needs, reducing costs and staying competitive.

5. Marketing Automation

The rise of cheap marketing technologies and social media have made it easier for insurance firms of any size to promote themselves and compete with the market leaders.

65% of traditional European insurers plan to professionalize their online marketing (e.g., purchase of keywords) and 45% aim to improve their social media presence according to McKinsey’s research.

6. Blockchain

This tool is far more than just a Bitcoin technology; it’s said to be a technology that will make far-reaching changes to the worldwide economy over the next decade.

“Blockchain technologies can help the wholesale insurance sector fulfill its role in underpinning the global economy more effectively.” – PWC

Suggesting that the technology could reduce costs, errors and employee time wasted for savvy insurance firms.

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According to the website RedPixie, insurance companies live on borrowed time at the moment. If they don’t change and develop their business to a more digitalized form, that could lead to the death of insurance companies in the future.

We agree.

Insurance companies need to adapt to the technological revolution that takes place right now, and they need the help from tech/insurtech companies that already know how they are going to survive this revolution.

The technologies that insurance companies need to adapt to are IoT, Big Data Analytics, The Cloud, Machine Learning, Market Automation and Artificial Intelligence among others.

Plenty of insurance carriers already grabbed the bull by the horns and looking for tech companies to co-operate with, but how exactly are they going to work with the technology and how many businesses are adopting these technologies?

Here’s how the RedPixie website describes how businesses need to change, or they will be replaced:

“Compared to sectors like retail, the insurance industry is still early in its digital transformation.” – McKinsey

But, ‘within the insurance sector, top-quartile DQ [digital quotient] performers are generating a CAGR [compound annual growth rate] of 6 percent compared to 3.9 percent for the average player and substantially higher profitability’ according to the same report.

The leaders of the insurance world are making progress, but much of the industry has yet to catch up.

Why Insurance Companies need to Improve

Many established insurance firms don’t see any reason to overhaul the technology they’re using.

The problem with that is that the insurance landscape is in a period of dramatic change. Standing still means falling behind.

Price comparison sites have boomed over the last decade, opening up the insurance world for the consumer. Customers are no longer loyal to particular providers. They visit price comparison sites and choose the provider with the lowest price and the best online reviews.

Many insurance businesses are already facing challenges keeping up with changes in customer behavior. For instance, in the life insurance industry.

“Real growth between 2005 and 2015 has been negative. Sales of new policies have fallen from 17 million per year in the 1980s to around 10 million today.” – According to McKinsey’s 2016 report.

And those challenges are only set to get worse new entrants gobble up market share. Across the whole financial industry, a wave of hungry tech start-ups is threatening to eat the incumbents’ lunches. The insurance sector is no different. Your insurance firm could come under threat from:

Some InsurTech players, such as P2P insurance start-up Lemonade, seek to directly challenge incumbent insurance firms by offering a radical new offering to customers.

Most InsurTech start-ups won’t threaten insurance firms as a whole, but they do threaten sectors of their business.

Survival of the Fittest within Insurance Companies

The future of your firm depends on how you improve the customer experience and whether competitive storms. As McKinsey’s report says:

“Companies that offer best-in-class customer experiences grow faster and more profitably. To reach this level, insurers must relentlessly improve customer journeys across channels and business functions.”

Ultimately, every innovation that insurance leaders and InsurTech startups make trickles down to create a better experience for their customers.

‘68% of insurers say they have taken concrete steps to address the rise of FinTech in insurance,’ according to PwC’s report. For the other 32 percent, and the rest of the insurance industry, the mission is simple: evolve or die.