Mission Innovation 100 selected Greater Than

Greater Than has honorable been selected as a top 100 one of Mission Innovation 100 global innovative clean energy solutions. The solutions will each have the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10 million CO2 e/year or more by 2030 and/or be of strategic importance.

Mission Innovation is a global initiative consisting of 24 countries and the European Commission and is also the initiator of the 1.5°C Compatible Solutions Framework which aims to help public and private investors find the technologies that have the greatest potential to tackle climate change and limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

As being appointed to this list, Greater Than provide Artificial Intelligence that understand and price risk per car in real-time, decrease CO2 emission in average with more than 17%
and helping auto insurance carriers to improve loss ratio and supporting automotive OEMs with behavioral based pricing for new mobility.

Read more about Mission Innovation and the 1.5°C Compatible Solutions Framework on https://www.misolutionframework.net.

Greater Than is part of the prestigious InsurTech100

Today, FinTech Global announced the 100 companies that will transform the global insurance industry and Greater Than is proudly amongst them.

Greater Than’s AI price risk per individual car in real-time and partners with large insurance companies such as Zurich, MS First Capital and Tryg. This enables a new level of proactive, financial, customer retention and risk avoidance planning. The company’s flagship product, Enerfy is an AI-based platform with over 480 white label solutions, including AI pricing, digital insurance, gamification and apps that positively affect driving behavior.

“Being recognized by InsurTech100 is a great honor for us and demonstrate the power of our AI technology and our end-to-end solutions,” says Liselott Johansson, CEO at Greater Than. “To up the digital game and offer more personalized solutions, we offer insurers and car manufacturers a seamless integration, to at speed gain digital user-based offerings and new price models out on the market”.

FinTech Global and its panel of industry experts select 100 of the world’s most innovative Insurtech companies that solves major problems in
the industry to make up the InsurTech100. The list aims to help senior management and insurance professionals evaluate which digital insurance models have market potential and are most likely to succeed and have a lasting impact on the industry.

The full list of the InsurTech100 can be found at www.TheINSURTECH100.com

Supporting a Dynamic Marketplace

Yesterday at the ESG Integration Summit in Stockholm, we’ve met with executive leaders, directors, institutional investors, and experts on integrating the Nasdaq ESG guidance and framework for disclosure of company practices.
An important conference where we at Greater Than, amongst other companies shared and demonstrated our best practices on how we implement and practices ESG, when it comes to areas such as transparency and sustainable carbon emissions.
As part of one of the panels, Liselott Johansson, CEO at Greater Than had the opportunity to showcase how an AI scale-up B2B enterprise as Greater Than is, in partnership with large enterprises highly can contribute to their overall strive and work towards the ESG goals. By providing innovative solutions that taps in to every step in their value chain, we highly contribute to rapidly decrease CO2 emission at large.

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Greater Than opens subsidiary in Singapore

Greater Than opens subsidiary in Singapore in response to the growing business opportunities and increased demand for AI based risk insights and digital insurance solutions in the region.

The Singapore office is managed by Johan Forseke, with the responsible for sales and customer development in the ASEAN market, as well as delivering customer and technical support to both new and existing customers operating in insurance, fleet and OEMs sectors in the area.

“The new office reflects our ambition and dedication to providing high-end products and solutions in Singapore and surrounding regions with unparalleled, high quality delivering” said Johan Forseke “Singapore is a core market within the ASEAN region and it’s here were several innovation hubs are present. By establishing a base here, we are able to further expand our business and product offerings in the region as well as deepen our existing partnerships with AAS, MS First Capital Insurance Limited and ComfortDelGro at site.”

The opening of the new office in Singapore is part of Greater Than’s latest expansion strategy, a result of its strong performance over the last few years, which has seen demand for its AI based insurance solutions grow in foreign markets. Bringing the markets most reliable and competitively priced offering, Greater Than’s solutions and AI based insight into risk plays a vital role in the digitization process of many of the world’s leading insurance companies.

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The insurance industry is digitizing

We’re happy to announce that we see clear growth and usage acceleration of our adjustable AI-based products and services.

During the second quarter of the year, the number of paying policyholders using our technology and platform increased by 41% compared to Q1 2019. Figures which testifies to an increasing number of major insurers now taking the step towards digitization seriously with our AI based platform Enerfy. We currently have a world-class AI based product offering which with 99.98% accuracy predicts real time risk individually per car/driver. The power in our solution, the essence of our range, are allowing new insurance solutions and business models to take place. On top of the existing scope, Greater Than provides a whole new risk insight, which is crucial for improvement profitability and a necessity for anyone who wants to develop new mobility services and subscription-based models, such as car sharing, car pools and car insurance.

With our world-unique AI-based platform Enerfy, our customers gets full function mobile insurance apps and a total overview of risk costs, pricing and claims frequency.

During the first two quarters of the year, we have driven sales and development at full speed. On May 7, we launched our powerful and digital full service offering, Enerfy Global. The new offering immediately received a lot of attention and strengthened our position in new markets.

Our close cooperation with FIA (Federation de l’Automotive) has also borne fruit. During this spring, we were invited to the FIA’s annual conference in South Africa and given the opportunity to introduce FIA Smart Driving Challenge (FIA SDC) for over 500 decision making representatives from racing and motor organizations worldwide. In just a few months, we have signed agreements with motor and mobility clubs’ and organizations now bringing out FIA Smart Driving Challenge on several markets.

I’m also happy to announce that FIA SDC now has participants enjoying the challenge in more than 20 countries, including Singapore, New Zealand, France, Ireland and Germany. Which is fantastic. We’ve also started to see the true effects of FIA SDC: after just a few weeks, participants reduced their risk for accidents by 30% by changing their driving behavior for the better. This is a fantastic result in the global work for a safer road environment and something that we are very proud of contributing to.

Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than

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We’re happy to welcome two additional FIA drivers to the FIA Smart Driving Challenge

We are extremely proud to welcome the Brazilian racing driver Thiago Vivacqua and the Portuguese rally driver João Rebelo Martins as team leaders in FIA Smart Driving Challenge.

Having already engaged over twenty FIA drivers as team leaders in FIA Smart Driving Challenge, including fix-stars as Sébastien Ogier – current holder of the World Rally Drivers’ Championship, having won the title six times in a row, and Johan Kristoffersson, winner of 2017 and 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship as well as Jutta Kleinschmitd, the only woman to win Paris Dakar Rally. We’re now excited to present our new stars and highlight that we now have team leaders from almost every continent in the world. Team leaders who are engaged, really know what it takes to drive extremely smart and environmentally friendly, and can advise their teams accordingly to make the roads safer. Skills, knowledge and engagement we know our two new rally and racing stars will contribute greatly with as team leaders.

“I’m really pleased to be part of FIA Smart Driving Challenge, especially when we are talking about making our roads safer, it’s super nice to help on making driving more fun and sustainable. Very proud to be part of that. “ says Thiago Vivacqua.

We’re also very happy to see how Portoguise media embraced the news about João Rebelo Martins joining FIA Smart Driving Challenge:
Rebelo Martins será o Team Leader luso do FIA Smart Driving Challenge
João Rebelo Martins team leader em prova da FIA

As subscription for season 2020 now is open, participants can now choose their favourite FIA hero to drive for when aiming to become the world’s smartest driver 2020. Join in here.

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge (FIA SDC) is a global initiative by FIA, based on Greater Thans AI and technology Enerfy. The FIA SDC is the first global competition that rewards smart, safe and eco-friendly driving. Equipped with a smartphone app connected to the digital platform Enerfy, regular motorists compete in teams to become the world’s smartest driver by using their own car.

When registering, participants will join teams led by famous FIA drivers. These prestigious team leaders will share tips and advice to help participants to improve their smart skills at the wheel. Ultimately, the best drivers will face each other in a final to win the Challenge. Learn more here.

Erfaren redovisningsekonom sökes till Tech bolag i Stockholm

Bolaget Greater Than söker erfaren, noggrann och självgående redovisningsekonom. Tjänsten är tillsvidareanställning, dess omfattning kan diskuteras (40-100%). Bolaget är noterat på Nasdaq First North. Vi sitter i härliga nyrenoverade lokaler på Karlavägen i centrala Stockholm.

Som redovisningsekonom hos oss behöver man tycka det är roligt med varierande arbetsuppgifter, du kommer driva uppgifter från ax till limpa. Vi använder bokföringsprogrammet Visma.

De huvudsakliga arbetsuppgifterna innefattar:
• Helhetsansvar för redovisning och rapportering
• Löpande bokföring
• Löne- och fakturahantering
• Bolags- och koncernredovisning med konsolidering kvartals- och årsrapporter enligt K3
och IFRS
• Årsredovisning
• Budgetarbete, prognoser, kassaflöden och uppföljning
• Skattedeklarationer
• Administration

Vem är du?
Vi söker dig som känner dig trygg med alla delar gällande redovisning och som har vana vid att arbeta självständigt. För att lyckas i denna roll tror vi att du är en noggrann och erfaren person som inte är rädd för att ta ett helhetsansvar. Vidare behärskar du svenska och engelska.

Du erbjuds
En bred och varierande roll som redovisningsekonom på ett bolag i en spännande tillväxtfas. Tjänsten är tillsvidareanställning och omfattning kan diskuteras (40–100%) med start omgående.

Om Greater Than
Vi är ett InsurTech-bolag som växer snabbt både i Sverige och internationellt. Vi erbjuder teknikplattformar till försäkringsbolag. Hos oss jobbar du med ett passionerat team runt 30 personer som sitter på Karlavägen i Stockholm. Vi är ett expansivt företag som brinner för att våra medarbetare ska utvecklas och organisationen har högt i tak.

Om ansökan
Skicka CV och personligt brev till nyttjobb@greaterthan.eu snarast möjligt. Intervjuer sker löpande. Vi ser fram emot din ansökan!

Ladda ner annonsen som PDF

New Office

Welcome to our new Stockholm office at Karlavägen 60

We are very excited to announce that we have moved to a new office. We haven’t moved very far though, actually it’s just about twenty-five meters up the same street, but it’s a huge difference according to space and feel.

When we moved into our former office, January 2016, we were about ten full-time employees. Since then we have grown to plus 30 employees. Our old office served us well and we have amazing memories of all the outstanding work we did during the three and half years we stayed there. It was an amazing, creative and successful period, that including the launch of Enerfy, announcements of collaborations with world known brands such as Zurich, TRYG and FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) and launches of several digital offerings on markets around the world, as well as the launch of the global initiative FIA Smart Driving Challenge.

Today, our solutions and services are being implemented and offered for an ever-growing user bases around the World. Talk about success!

With this in the rearview mirror, we couldn’t be more excited about our new spacious office and fantastic team and look forward to continuing deliver smart, fun and excellent deliveries for world-class brands around the world.
Should you be in the neighborhood, you’re more than welcome to come by us at Karlavägen 60, 2nd floor for a coffee and a chat.

Greater Than’s AI database reaches half a billion driving situations profiles that price risk in real time per individual car

Greater Than, leading provider of AI based underwriting and digital auto insurance software solutions, announced today that its database of autonomous deep machine learning and AI algorithms now has passed half a billion unique driving situation profiles used to identify and price risk in real time per individual car.

For many years, the insurance industry has waited and lagged a bit with real driving statistics and how it can be used to affect the price picture and lower damage costs. However, now new business models are here to take shape.

“As the only supplier in the world managing to price real-time risk, per individual driver and car, we’re constantly striving to provide stronger evidence and real insights about where the risk actually occurs for auto insurance carriers. With our database and AI, we can predict claims costs with almost incomprehensible accuracy and precision, which our business cases and partners today can provide the most outstanding evidence of,” says Sten Forseke, founder of Greater Than.

The advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence developed by Greater Than identifies the most subtle pattern and change in a driving behavior with 99.98 % accuracy by matching the driving behavior in real time per second to the company’s database of half a billion profiles of driving situations, no matter where in the world the driver is driving. Due to the geo-independency of the solution, Greater Than today provide its service to underwriters around the globe to support a mitigated risk and a reduction of overall claims costs.

“Through our AI, we’ve learned that the more riskful drivers accounts for 80% of the car insurance claims, not only by being involved, or of being the reason of the accident more frequently, but also by being involved in the accidents with highest damages and claims costs. Insights that of course creates enormous value for our customers,” Sten Forseke continues.

With a real-time insight into risk and claims frequency, insurers can for the first time accurately calculate risk and damage frequency and be able to price risk accordingly. Greater Than’s solution Enerfy scores the driving behavior in real time into 15 different risk levels. Where everything over 10 indicates a high-risk driving behavior.

Link to the pressrelease
Download the pressrelease as PDF

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Greater Than enters partnership with Zurich Insurance and Sixt Ireland

Greater Than now enters the Irish market by entering a partnership with Zurich Insurance UK and Sixt Ireland. With a common goal to increase safety and driver influence in the car rental industry, the partners will implement Greater Than’s AI-based, digital risk assessment platform on the entire Sixt car fleet on Ireland – giving more than 3500 vehicles a new, user-based management tool.

The partnership makes way for Zurich Insurance and car rental company Sixt on Ireland to integrate a user-based, digital risk assessment and fleet management solution on the entire Irish Sixt fleet. For Sixt customers the system aims to increase safety and reward a safe driving behavior, which is possible through technology from Greater Than that uses AI, machine learning and Big Data to calculate and price risk in real-time.

“We are continuously looking for innovative solutions that can enhance our business processes, and this AI-based tech platform is of great value for that advancement. Influencing drivers to drive safer is essential to us and this is another good example of thinking outside the box”, says Darren Stoddart, Senior Underwriter, Emerging Motor Risks at Zurich Insurance.

Zurich Insurance is one of the world’s leading multi-insurers that operates in more than 170 countries. The client Sixt Ireland is a part of the global Sixt Group, who provides high-quality mobile services in more than 2100 stations across the globe, managing a total fleet of more than 238 000 vehicles.

AI-based technology going global

Greater Than and its AI-based platform Enerfy offers real-time risk profiling and individual premium pricing for auto insurance. The growing company has established several insurance solutions in Northern Europe and Asia, while recently also entering a partnership with the global organization FIA, Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, to create a new global competition, FIA Smart Driving Challenge.

“Joining forces with three major partners like Zurich, Sixt and Marsh demonstrates that our strategy to establish global presence is underway. This is a large step on our path towards international expansion” says Liselott Johansson, CEO at Greater Than.

The partnership was managed by Marsh, one of the global leaders in insurance broking and risk management with operations in more than 130 countries.

For pictures and more information, go to the Greater Than media bank here: News.cision.com/Greater Than

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