A postponed Rally became a road safety initiative

When Superstage VZW had to postpone Renties Ypres Rally, due to Covid-19 until October 2020, they decided to try anyways to give something entertaining and inspiring to their fans, team, and network. Having FIA Smart Driving challenge already under the hood, they engaged Freddy Loix, the 11-times winner of the Rally.

On Jul 1st, the Freddy Loix Ypres Smart Driving Challenge was launched. The challenge continues until Oct 3rd and is open to join for anyone having a driving license and access to a car.

Freddy Loix Ypres Smart Driving Challenge comes with a roadbook covering the history of Ypres Rally and 11 different routes of a total of almost 200km. During the challenge, participants discover the history of the Rally – all the way back to its first edition in 1965, while at the same time participate by driving smart and safe.

The engaging event Freddy Loix Ypres Smart Drive Challenge 2020 is combining the FIA’s Smart Driving project with the history of the Ypres Rally with the aim inspire motorists to drive safer and have fun when on the road. During the challenge, participants will by the app, see their score, and learn how to drive more safely, smarter, and eco-friendly. The smarter driving one performs, the better scoring they gain. The very best drivers will get the chance to win various prizes, such as merchandising or even tickets for the Renties Ypres Rally!

If in Belgium, grab your chance now, join Freddy Loix’s team on the Smart Driving Challenge and score as many points as possible!

To learn more about the challenge: https://mailchi.mp/ypresrally/renties-ypres-rally-2020-okt-5100309?fbclid=IwAR0o7MPcv8kpk3mY0KWX18nMi8AxK9S8atggMY6K6FjAekoPdkdUCY6NJlk.

To sign up: https://www.ypresrally.com/nl/product/freddy-loix-ypres-fia-sdc-roadbook-obd-plug.

July 8th, 2020 | By Eva Voors, Head of Communications, Greater Than